Hommage Magazine is in its exciting initial phase, building a vibrant community of like-minded artists who cherish visual storytelling of a joyous, positive and unapologetically expressive lifestyle with a touch of retro charm and free-spirited aesthetics. We are eager to discover and collaborate with photographers and models who can bring their unique perspectives to our expanding platform.

What We Offer:

A platform to be featured in our engaging online content or within the beautifully crafted pages of our print magazine.
Increased exposure through targeted advertisements of the magazine on popular social media platforms, promoting your work in our posts and stories.
Opportunities for interviews, video features, and more, which amplify the visibility and reach of your artistic contributions.

Join Our Journey:

If you are passionate about capturing moments of joy, natural beauty, and authentic human connections, hommage is your stage. We aim to foster a collective where each member contributes to a narrative that celebrates sensuality, freedom, adventure and the pleasures of life. Submit your work and take your place in the hommage story. We're excited to grow with you and see how your creative visions will help shape the essence of our magazine. Please read our guidelines below.



The hommage magazine is about a positive, free spirited photography with a touch of a 80s retro vibe.

We embrace storytelling and most importantly put an emphasis on the feeling, not pursuing any technical perfection. Wherever we can we try to shoot on film, as its characteristics embody the spirit of the past. This might include women, free spirited sports, travel and food.

For Submitters:

Focus on crafting a small narrative (coherent) with your photos, exploring the emotions they evoke. Consider, "How does it feel what I am trying to show?" and enhance your submissions with a variety of supporting images—close-ups, environment shots, and details are all welcome.

Aside of epic shots, be alive, have fun, enjoy life and play with the perspective or context: Be the first person documentary photographer, the best friend, the voyer, the lover or in best case, a mix of showing epic shots as well personal feelings.

Women and Free Spirits: We focus on portrayals that are naturally intertwined with freedom and spontaneity. Nudity, when present, should resonate with free-spiritedness and not sexual connotations. While not mandatory, aesthetic nudity should feel organic, not forced—reflective of the carefree beach culture of the '80s. Top-less beach scenes, bikinis, and implied nudity are also embraced within our narrative.

Sports and Leisure: Showcase the joy of free-spirited sports, from skateboarding and surfing to any summer activity that conveys positivity and fits within our summer narrative.

Travel: We love travel stories and culinary adventures captured on film, bringing out the magical, vintage look that film inherently provides.

What we avoid:

No political agendas, social media movements, portrayals of wars, poverty, or social grievances.

Avoid images that evoke negative emotions or any dark concepts like bondage.



Technical Requirements:

Minimum resolution of 300 DPI.
A4 size for vertical images; larger sizes are preferred.
A3 300 DPI for double-page spreads or horizontal images that need cropping.

Submitting Your Work:

Editorial stories with 10 to 20 images
Attach filled and signed Photographer release form (see top of the page)
model release AND a copy of model ID.
Include a title and short description of the project, preferably numbered as you envision your story.
Please include all credits of your creative team.  Information about the location. Wardrobe, if required.
Instagram links
All models must be 18 years of age or older.

We are also interested in submissions of videos and behind the scenes stories.
Please send your images via wetransfer or alike to :


Find more examples on our moodboard on Pinterest (non nude, as it would violate Pinterest policies)